Frequently-asked questions: COVID-19

As the global pandemic continues to plague our thoughts and prayers, it’s important to separate fact from rumor. A helpful summary:

Can I get COVID-19 (Coronavirus) from listening to the president?

Only if you follow his advice.

I don’t have a mask. Will a plain cloth face covering protect me from stupid people?

It may provide some limited benefit if you can use it to gag them.

My doctor (or other health care provider) has advised me that the US senate majority leader hates America. Is this accurate?

The senate majority leader does not “hate America.” He hates “most Americans.”

I’d like to join like-minded volunteers to protest stay-at-home restrictions. What may be wrong with me?

Nothing that a contagious disease can’t fix.

Events are making me feel powerless. How much earlier should I have started freaking out?

It’s vital to maintain a balanced perspective by keeping in mind that whatever problem we may be having, it’s not the only problem we have.

Meanwhile, all at Dirck Toll HQ send you continual wishes for wellness and, for those struggling, hope for quick recovery.

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